About us

The history of this restaurant stretches back more than 30 years to when, in 1982, Francesc Martorell − Kiku −, after training in various butcher’s shops and having thoroughly learnt his trade, together with his wife Olga, decided to start a new project in a rented property within a small neighbourhood supermarket in Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

It was in this small shop that Can Kiku began and, thanks to a great entrepreneurial spirit, the business has not stopped growing ever since. Over the years the company has successfully adapted to all the changes that have taken place, both economic and social, but perhaps one of the most significant changes has been generational, when the couple’s only child, Xavier, came onto the scene.

He started working at the company aged 17, and spent a long time learning the butcher’s trade and, at the same time, brought with him an innovative vision. In addition, he always had a dream of one day running his own restaurant.

A few years later, the family made the decision to open a new butcher’s shop, in addition to those already existing in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Palamós and Girona. They decided to open this in the centre of Sant Feliu, but this time offering something extra: with the chance to taste the produce on the premises.

After coming up with this new concept of a gastronomic butcher, father and son quickly realised that the size of the premises meant they couldn’t grow the business as they wanted. So, they acquired the cafeteria next door, expanding the premises an






The cuisine offered by Café Restaurant Can Kiku grew out of the desire of the owners, Francesc (Kiku) Martorell and his son, Xavier, to meet the challenges of opening an informal gastronomic restaurant in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, a town noted for its traditional cuisine and its seafood.

The restaurant, managed by Xavier and overseen by his father, has succeeded thanks to the whole team involved in the project. It offers dishes from traditional Empordan cuisine, given a touch of modernity and the avant-garde and which respect and highlight the carefully-chosen raw ingredients.

The cuisine follows the spirit of the parent company: the happiness and satisfaction of the client are at the forefront. The maxim of our company is to provide the best quality at the most competitive price.

The dishes are based on the traditional Empordan cuisine to which we bring the experience of having run a butchery since 1982. Thanks to this, customers can enjoy meat from a wide variety of national and international origins with various maturation times and processes.

The team at the Can Kiku Café Restaurant strive daily to change the menus so that guests are constantly surprised and satisfied.

The restaurant offers daily, evening and weekend menus; a tapas and hamburger menu and an informal gastronomic menu so that the customers can try some of the specialties of the house with half portions and tapas.